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The Garage – Booze, Tracking, Goblins & Elves.


Great Garage meeting last week, the highlights being:

Tracking: We've started a new multimedia project to show off our skills. We are using the Adobe After Effects camera tracker and some left over footage from a recent Linney video to create some mayhem. Here's what we've got so far:

Liquids: We've been messing about with our Phoenix FD plug-in for 3DS max. We can do liquids well now.

Our Caramel:

Our nice red for Christmas?

Other things we discussed were:

We are testing out a new 3D mouse.


We like goblins and Elves (Who doesn't?) We've been looking at the making of Azog from the Hobbit films:


The Bubble cam lets you record 360 degree footage and make conference calls in 360 degrees.




Yamaha Europe

Yamaha Europe


Linney have recently been instrumental in a number of Yamaha’s European motorcycle product launches. These have involved photo and video shoots in both the USA and Japan as well as original illustrations created here in the Studio.

As part of the launch for a range of motorcycles categorised under the name ‘Heritage Sports’ Linney proposed a radical departure from the usual highly retouched image and put together a number of very stylised illustrations. These unique illustrations were composed and created here within the design studio and are now part of Yamaha’s European website and press pack.

Yamaha’s VMAX and new XV950 were photographed in the industrial areas of Tokyo, Japan. Both static and action shots were taken by our own studio photographer. The photo and video shoot of both models was completed in just two days.
Click here to view the VMAX footage on the Yamaha YouTube channel
Click here to view the XV950 footage on the Yamaha YouTube channel

Across the other side of the world we joined Yamaha USA on their shoot of the Off Road Competition models YZ250F and YZ450F. Again the photo and video shoot were completed in very short time, just one and a half days. In this short period of time three photographers and videographer shot five different motorcycles in a number of action scenarios. Working from a storyboard, the video shoot required a number of different technologies to achieve the final piece. A small team specialising in GoPro set about mounting cameras on key areas of the bike and even included a ‘whirlycam’ mounted to the riders helmet. In addition to this RED cameras were used to achieve the high defection slow motion footage for track side action.
Click here to see the YZ250F footage on The Yamaha YouTube channel

Linney Sting


Here's a little sting I've made, experimenting with new plug-ins we've got here in Multimedia. It was done with 3DS max and the plug-in Particle flow box 2 and put together in After Effects.